Paper Pastiche
Maryann with umbrella

About Paper Pastiche

Maryann fondly remembers her visits to her grandparents’ house and looking through the old photo album they had on their desk. It was full of sepia-toned and black & white pictures of her grandparents, their families, and their friends. She looked at that photo album every time she visited them.

She grew up thinking she wanted to write about all those memories but along the way she discovered what she really wanted to be was an artist. Paper Pastiche was founded in April 2004 to create elegant and unique photo albums, journals, and cards.

In keeping with these memories, Paper Pastiche encourages you to go a little “retro” and take your favorite photos out of the box on the shelf and off of your computer. Put them in a custom made photo album from Paper Pastiche and make new memories by sharing the old memories.