Wedding Tips

Making Memories

In a 12/25/14 article on, Dr. Linda Henkel discussed a 2014 study by Shutterfly that showed Americans take more than 10 billion photos every month! Roughly 60% of these photos are taken by cameras on mobile phones.  Less than 50% of the photos are ever shared with others.  Dr. Henkel notes, "To truly keep a memory alive, revisiting the photo is as important as taking it."

TIP: Paper Pastiche encourages you to print out your photos and share your favorite memories with family and friends in a custom made photo album.

Wait a minute - was that MY wedding?

When the wedding day arrives, many brides and grooms are lost in a fog that comes with the stress of last minute preparations.  They want their wedding to be perfect.  After the wedding is over, many say that they remember very little of their special day.  Wedding photographs help the bride and groom relive the special moments of their wedding long after the big day.

TIP: Remember that photos can deteriorate from light, moisture, heat, and cold.  Preserve and protect your precious photos in albums with acid-free paper and glassine pages.  Share your memories with family and friends.

I can't remember who I talked to at the reception!

More than likely, you won't get to speak to everyone at your wedding reception.  And, you might not be able to remember the people you spoke to as you walked around the reception.

TIP: A customized guest book is a special way for guests to leave their personal wishes and wedding greetings for you to read and enjoy for years to come.  It's a post wedding opportunity to relax with a glass of wine and laugh over the notes and doodles they might have included to commemorate your wedding day.